YOGIS OF TEHACHAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm baaaack....

Oh, yogis, what a glorious and magical mystery tour I had. It was a perfect retreat and now I'm home and feeling re-charged. 

And just fyi, there's gonna be a few changes happening around the Yoga House - but for this week, we've got Constance leading class on Wednesday and I'll be holding an "open practice" on Friday. "Open Practice" is when you show up and do your own practice. I'll be here doing my thing, but with one big exception.....

MEET ARROW!!!! The newest member of the Tribe! 

He's a handsome rescue from Lancaster. He's a smooth collie mix (for those not in the know, a "smooth" collie is a short-haired collie. The Lassie style collie is referred to as a "rough" collie. I'm getting so educated on all this canine stuff!) He's young and a bit of a rascal, so I'll be working on training him to get with the flow of the Yoga House. So be advised there is now a precious doggie who will greet you upon arrival! (And yes, I named him after the Harry Nilsson song and sweet cartoon "The Point.")

Your opportunities for practice this week:
     10am     Constance Mixed Level
     10am      Open Practice w/Shanan and Arrow

Weekly Words of Wisdom:
"Everybody should have a shelter dog. It's good for the soul." -Paul Schaeffer

Be good humans. Spread the Love.



Tuesday Morning Philosophy discussion     $10/class


All Others:

Single drop-in $15 / class


4-class card (valid for 30 days) $56     ($14 per class)

6-class card (valid for 60 days) $78     ($13 per class)

8-class card (valid for 60 days) $96     ($12 per class)      

(PLEASE NOTE Passes are non-refundable and expiration dates are firm.)



Unlimited Monthly Card (valid for 30 days) $125
Unlimited Monthly Card (with minimum 6-month pledge) $99



Looking for a way to practice selfless generosity?

Your pledge (I like to call it the Buffet Bodhisattva Vow of Giving) is always welcomed.

We have mats, blankets, all necessary props on hand.
Please arrive with an open mind and an empty stomach.