YOGIS OF TEHACHAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ever-dedicated Constance will be teaching class this Thursday at 4pm. Come on down! She will be holding her Thursday class this week and next week. All levels welcome. Kids 12 and over welcome. 

2018 will bring a new schedule to the Yoga House. For now, you can count on having a Tuesday morning Advanced class and a Thursday afternoon All-Level class - both with Constance. I'm still considering what I'll be doing.....

Your opportunity to practice at the YH this week:

Weekly Words of Wisdom:
As we begin to practice mindfulness of breathing, we often see ourselves, initially, as the breather, apart and separate from the breath itself. The direction and development of the practice is eventually to bridge this separation until our attention is absorbed fully into the breath. The breath breathes itself, and we experience a place of deep calmness, concentration, and ease.
​                                                         ​
—Christina Feldman

​e good humans. Spread the Love.



Tuesday Morning Philosophy discussion     $10/class


All Others:

Single drop-in $15 / class


4-class card (valid for 30 days) $56     ($14 per class)

6-class card (valid for 60 days) $78     ($13 per class)

8-class card (valid for 60 days) $96     ($12 per class)      

(PLEASE NOTE Passes are non-refundable and expiration dates are firm.)



Unlimited Monthly Card (valid for 30 days) $125
Unlimited Monthly Card (with minimum 6-month pledge) $99



Looking for a way to practice selfless generosity?

Your pledge (I like to call it the Buffet Bodhisattva Vow of Giving) is always welcomed.

We have mats, blankets, all necessary props on hand.
Please arrive with an open mind and an empty stomach.